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Content Writer Malaysia: How to Get Hired by Top Companies

The Trick is in Business Writing

So, we heard you want to be a content writer in Malaysia working for top companies.

It’s safe to assume that you’re probably passionate or good enough at creative writing to want to pursue this role to begin with. And even if you don’t have any experience in writing blogs (which makes up the bulk of content), it won’t be much of a learning curve.

So that only leaves us with one thing: Business writing.

Understand the Importance of Business


Business writing holds an immense value in today’s corporate world. ‘Why is that?’, you may ask. It’s because companies need you to stand out from the crowd and capture audiences’ attention.

After all, most companies are competing with countless others within their industry for that very same audience. Hence, a top candidate for the content writer position should be able to position a company’s offerings in a way that resonates with potential consumers or clients.

Apart from bridging emotional resonance with your audience, your writing must reflect the company’s interests too. That’s the action part down; the reaction would be in stimulating your audience to take the next step. Hence, you need to be able to write a solid business message to drive this sort of communication and dynamic.

How to Make Business Writing Actually


Engaging business writing is the key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. It allows businesses to connect with their target audience on a deeper level, conveying the value of their products or services in an appealing and understandable way.

You’ll want to include these staple business writing techniques to craft engaging content and messages with business writing:

1. Write with intent

First and foremost, every content writer in Malaysia must know that every piece of written communication should be crafted with care and intention. This applies to everything from an email to a potential client to company reports. Without intent, your content may risk feeling directionless and, at worst, pointless.

Therefore, to write engagingly isn’t a choice; it’s a must for any company worth their salt — and top companies are worth a lot of salt, to say the least.

2. Use Simple Language – The Simpler, The Better

The use of simple language can make your content more accessible. More importantly, it’ll make your content more relatable. And we all know the power of relatable content; it’ll connect with audiences almost effortlessly.

Also, do avoid industry jargon or complex terms that may confuse your readers. Instead, focus on clear and concise communication.

If you really have to use industry jargon, be sure to include short explanations or the full form of abbreviated jargon in brackets, e.g. — SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — so that your audience won’t be kept guessing.

3. Be a Storyteller

Every company has their own story, distilled into what we commonly know as their ‘brand’. How they were founded, what they stand for and even individual offering (i.e. products and services) have their own story to tell. Hence, your job (the best part of the job) as a Malaysian content writer is to tell their story with your boundless creativity

By sharing compelling narratives about the brand, you can capture the interest of potential customers and create emotional connections that inspire loyalty. And if you can create longstanding relationships with your customer just with your words alone, you’ll be an indispensable asset to your company.

4. Write a Solid CTA (Call-to-Action)

A CTA is a blurb that usually follows the main bulk of your content to spur your audience into action. It could be a signing-up for a newsletter or checking out your latest product; e.g. Now that you’ve learned the basics of Copywriting, check out our free e-book (hyperlink to redirect to e-book landing page) to learn advanced copywriting as recommended by specialists!

A strong call-to-action incorporates persuasive language and motivates the reader to act, ultimately leading to greater impact and success for the business’s objectives. This factor, coupled with brevity, forms the crux of any potent business message.

To conclude…

Well-articulated messages creates effective communication within teams, stimulate actions or reactions from stakeholders, and most importantly, evoke emotions in your audience.

On the flipside, a poorly written message can lead to miscommunication, causing confusion among clients or employees and potentially leading to lost opportunities.

Engaging business writing is essential for any company aiming for success in today’s corporate world. It requires a strategic approach that prioritizes clarity, conciseness, storytelling elements while avoiding unnecessary complexity.

In short, any content writer in Malaysia should master engage business writing. Do this and you’ll get hired by the best in the business in no time.

The greatest storytelling techniques in our digital age are as follows: UX Strategy, Branding, & Content Marketing. These are the tools of our trade at Paperballad & Co. Together, let’s dance our last dance and captivate the world with your story.

How to Capture your Audience’s Attention

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To be successful in business writing, you must utilize effective strategies that capture the attention of your audience. Apart from brevity, simple language and storytelling flair, personalizing your message is a surefire way to trap your audience’s attention.

Customization of communication to the specific concerns and interests of the target audience often strikes a chord with them. By carefully crafting messages that address their needs, you’re essentially you’re driving them to engage and respond more positively to your communication.

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of visual aids. Sometimes reading can be tiresome, especially when our collective attention spans are at an all-time low. Including relevant infographics, diagrams, or videos in your business content can make your message that much more digestible and appealing.

Remember, an appealing visual representation of information can dramatically increase comprehension and retention. By marrying your words with the potency of visuals, you can ensure the attention of your audience is firmly anchored in your message.

Level Up your Storytelling Game

Strategic storytelling is far from just telling a narrative, it carries enormous weight in the world of business communication — as boring as it may sound.

It refers to the practical application of stories to achieve business objectives. Packaging a corporate agenda or data into digestible, relatable and empathetic content has come to be an effective technique. This creative method unfolds a business’s core values, vision, and mission in an engaging and impactful way without sounding overly promotional or robotic.

In addition, strategic storytelling also forges deeper connections between the business and its stakeholders by lending a human touch to the communication. This proves to be especially vital in today’s world, where consumers prioritize authenticity over blatant sales pitches.

Furthermore, strategic storytelling doesn’t just benefit external communications but also enhances internal communications, fostering a stronger sense of unity and purpose among employees.

How to Leverage Data when Writing Business


In the digital age, data is pretty much a god-like energy that oversees the entire business landscape. Dramatics aside, leveraging data within business communication plays a crucial part in driving engagement and fostering a more profound understanding of the message at hand.

It serves as a robust tool allowing your audience to visualize the factual substance behind your words, creating a more convincing and relatable narrative.

Introducing data into your business writing doesn’t mean filling your content with numbers and stats. Instead, it involves the elegant weaving of useful and pertinent data points into your narrative to make it compelling

Alternatively, using infographics to display information visually can help your audience grasp complex ideas swiftly and retain the key points longer. Furthermore, ensure the data used is credible and relevant to your message to maintain the integrity of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the importance of engaging business writing for content writer in Malaysia?

It helps convey your message effectively, builds professional credibility, and can influence the decision-making process of the readers.

2. What are some key elements for creating impactful messages in business content?

Clarity, conciseness, accuracy, coherence, and a strong call-to-action. Incorporating relevant data and information could also strengthen your message.

3. How can I capture my audience’s attention when writing business content?

By understanding their needs, presenting clear and concise information, using compelling headlines, incorporating visuals and storytelling, and using actionable language.

4. What is the role of strategic storytelling in business communication?

Making complex data and concepts easily understandable and relatable. It can foster emotional connections, inspire action, and increase engagement and recall of information.

5. How can I leverage data when writing business content?

Include relevant statistics, facts, charts, and graphs. It’s important to present the data in a clear, understandable manner. A content writer in Malaysia should also use data to support arguments, demonstrate trends, and highlight key points.

6. What type of data should I use in my business content?

The type of data you should use depends on the message you’re communicating. It can range from customer testimonials and case studies to industry statistics, research findings, and financial data. Always ensure that the data is relevant, accurate, and from a credible source.

7. How often should I update the data in my business content?

It’s essential to keep your business content up-to-date to maintain its relevance and accuracy. The frequency of updates will depend on the nature of the content and the data used. Always update data when there are significant changes in the market or industry trends.

Words can change the world. At Paperballad & Co., we wield the mighty pen to help you achieve product-market fit through science-driven content. Schedule a consultation with us here and change the world with our words.


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