Referral Program

Thank you for thinking about us, here’s a reward for your kind gesture.


Commission Package: Paperballad SDN. BHD.
10% – 40% initial closing amount.

Example: Bill recommends XYZ Company our social media marketing services. Valued at RM4,500/month.
Calculations below.

RM4,500 * 40% = RM1,800 into your bank account.
5% recurring fee with every subsequent monthly renewal of the client.
RM4,500 * 5% = RM225 monthly (stay avg. of 10.2 months).

Bill gets the initial RM1,800 and an additional RM225/month so long as XYZ Company stays.

Paperballad&Co.’s average client spending/month is at RM4177 (as of 5/5/2024).


Referring is simple.
Kindly send over the prospect to WhatsApp +60104006099 (Casimir) and mention who’s the introducer.



Every project as our last dance.